Practice Areas

We represent a wide variety of practice areas for clients. Whatever you need we can help you to get the legal representation that you need. Listed below are the variety of law that we handle.


Adoptions Court Ordered Mediation Estate Administration Mediation
Bankruptcy Custody Estate Planning Parenting Time
Business Law Divorce Guardianships Personal Injury
Child Support Domestic Relations Mediation Juvenile Law Probate
Civil Mediation Drunk Driving Labor & Employment Traffic
Conservatorships Elder Law Litigation

Business Lawbusiness law in lansing michigan

At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy  PLC we know that your business is extremely important to you, and we want it to perform successfully. Whether you are in the startup process or are a major corporation with years of business experience, our attorneys will provide legal options and explain the implications for your business. Our services include the formation of a corporation, LLC, partnership, or proprietorship as well as buy/sell agreements, succession planning, and document creation and review.

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Estate Planningestate planning lansing michigan

At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC , we know that comprehensive estate planning is the best way to prepare for the future. Our attorneys will determine your needs based upon your resources and objectives. Let us help you to fulfill the goals you have for your assets so that you’ll have greater peace of mind.

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Elder Lawelder law lansing michigan

The practice of elder law includes issues that arise in the context of aging and disability, including: Medicaid planning, guardianships and conservatorships, powers of attorney, nursing home rights, abuse and neglect, and the financial exploitation of disabled or elderly persons. Beyond this textbook definition, we here at Wilson, Lett and Kerbawy, PLC, are able to alleviate some of the fear that goes along with preparing for and facing the future.

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Personal InjuryPersonal Injury Law Lansing Michigan

If you have suffered an injury after an accident, you need the expertise and experience that Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy PLC, can offer. We know what your case needs to be successful and what you need in order to recover from your injuries and get your life back on the right track. Our attorneys and staff will give you the personal attention you deserve. We will focus on your case so that you can focus on your recovery. Our personal injury attorneys handle cases involving auto accidents, auto defects, bicycle accidents, dog bites, premises liability, and much more. Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy is a powerful advocate for your rights under Michigan law.

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Following a death, it is important to make sure the will is properly carried out. At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we can provide support through the opening process and all the way through the administration of the will. When it comes to the administration we will make sure that it is valid, successfully carried out and that debts are properly paid. We will make sure beneficiaries are properly compensated, taxes are paid and the legal processes are properly executed.

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A conservatorship is set up after a judge determines that a person cannot take care of him or herself or his or her finances. When the need for a conservator for the assets of a person arises, we can help make sure the right person takes care of both the conservatee and his or her assets. Wilson, Lett and Kerbawy, PLC, will help to get your support network set up no matter what situation arises.

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As a parent you want to make sure your children are protected no matter what happens. Here at Wilson, Lett, & Kerbawy, PLC, we can help you set up a plan to have a legal guardian in the case of a potential accident. We will ensure that your children will be with a trusted family member or friend. If you need the peace of mind that your children will be taken care of, come to us.

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Estate Administrationestate administration, planning

Estate administration is the distribution process of an estate following a death. We will help you appoint an executor to oversee the administration of the will. Or if a will does not name an executor, the court will name one; we can help you with the adminstration process. If executing a will is important to you, contact Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, today so we can take care of this process for you.

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Estate LitigationLitigation Lansing Michigan

In the event that you think that there are issues with a will or trust, we ensure that you are treated fairly. At Wilson Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we can help you manage all types of estate litigation. We will help you get peace of mind if you have any issues with getting the compensation that you deserve following the death of a family member. Whether it is about guardianship, conservatorship or other issues with the will or trust, we can help.

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Adoptionsfamily law resize

Adoption is a long and complex process with several potential pitfalls that you can run into. When you are looking to adopt a child, it does not matter if it is the child of a spouse, a family member or even an unrelated child, you need the help and experience of knowledgeable lawyers with experience in adoption law. The knowledge that Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, provides you with during the adoption process can help to protect your rights and the child’s rights. Ensuring a safe and effective adoption process will make sure that the child you bring into your home is legally protected from potential issues. To make sure you are getting the best representation during your adoption, contact Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, today.

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Juvenile LawJuvenile Law in Lansing Michigan

Every parent wants the best for their child; this extends to legal representation as well. When a juvenile is tried in court, it is a difficult situation for families to deal with, both emotionally and legally. At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we can make sure that you are getting fair and effective representation in all juvenile law cases. The laws for juvenile defendants are unique and different than those that affect adult defendants. Things like jurors, bail and phone calls all function differently when the defendant is a juvenile. Having representation that is skilled and understands the intricacies of juvenile law will ensure that your child gets the fairest treatment in the legal system.

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Child custody is a messy and difficult process for families. Parents and family members fight over whose rights to the child are right. Would you rather be the parent who is fumbling for a lawyer at the last minute or the one who comes ready to fight for your child? At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we will make sure you get the most visitation that you deserve. You do not want to lose the ability to see your child as they grow up. We can help you understand the differences between legal and physical custody and what joint and sole custody means to you and your children.

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Parenting Timeparenting time

If you have joint custody of your children, you want to be able to get the most time with them that you can. At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we will make sure you get the most time that you can. Our lawyers will fight for you making sure you can maximize your joint custody time. We can help you get a variety of additional parenting rights like:

  • Vacation parenting time
  • Additional times
  • Weekday overnights
  • And more

If you have been denied time with your children we can help you get that time back and to make sure you can get that time again in the future.

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Child Supportchild support

Making sure you get the proper amount of support for your child is important for parents after a separation. If you are paying support or receiving support we will make sure that the amount is correct and reasonable. At Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we will advocate for you to have a fair and balanced child support payment, no matter what side you are on.

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Divorce is hard on a family and requires significant legal representation. During the legal termination of a marriage, a lawsuit asks the court to terminate the marriage, divide property and decide child support and responsibilities. Our goal is to make this process as easy for you as possible. Our lawyers will help from start to finish. We will make sure you get the most that you deserve in this trying time. We work with you and make sure you understand things like:

  • Annulment
  • Child Custody
  • Property Division
  • Alimony

If you are interested in divorce contact Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, today.

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Mediation is an effective method to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom confidentially and privately. A neutral party is selected to work with the two parties to come to resolve the differences in a lawsuit. This works as a possible solution for people who are interested in coming to agreement without needing to go through the courtroom process. Here at Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, we will work to make sure that all parties are satisfied by the outcome.

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Court Ordered MediationCourt Ordered

Wilson, Lett, & Kerbawy, PLC, is certified to handle your court ordered mediation.  Mediation can be a court ordered process for parties to go through before or in lieu of the court room process. This is a solution for people in a variety of different types of lawsuits that may potentially be able to solve their issues without the need of a judge. Let us handle your mediation issues and needs so you can have a fair and neutral mediator.

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Civil Mediationcivil

For civil cases, some courts or parties may decide that Civil Mediation is the best solution for those involved. Mediation in lieu of civil suits is a solution to a potential solution to a lawsuit. If one of the parties in a suit is suing for money, because of an injury for example, mediation is a possible solution instead of going to court. Any type of civil case or suit can be mediated as long as both parties agree to mediation. If you are interested in the mediation process for your civil suit, please contact Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, today for help.

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Domestic Relations MediationDomestic Relations

Instead of other legal processes, a court may recommend domestic relations mediation for a family or couple. This will allow you to work through problems before moving forward with divorce or separation. Mediation is a great tool to help limit conflict and issues between a couple going through a difficult time. If you are interested in mediation for a domestic issue like

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Support
  • Parenting Time
  • Familial Relations

Please contact Wilson, Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, for more with your mediation needs.

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Labor & Employment

labor and employment

Let Wilson Lett & Kerbawy, PLC, help provide labor and employment legal advice on  issues for businesses and individuals. No matter which side of the table you are on, we can provide you advice and counsel. For labor unions, businesses, and individuals we can help with contract negotiations, creating rules and restrictions in the workplace and more. For employees that are in need of representation for wrongful termination or other workplace related law suits, we can provide you counsel and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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Drunk Drivingdrunk driving

No matter what the circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest, the law office of Wilson, Lett and Kerbawy, PLC, will ensure your rights are protected. Our DUI attorneys are dedicated to aggressively defending those arrested for DUI/Drunk Driving throughout the entire process. Our clients appreciate the comprehensive legal representation they receive from our experienced attorneys. Our DUI/Drunk Driving attorneys have successfully represented clients throughout the Mid-Michigan area including Ingham (Dansville, East Lansing, Haslett, Holt, Lansing, Leslie, Mason, Okemos, Stockbridge, Webberville, and Williamston) and Eaton (Bellevue, Charlotte, Dimondale, Eaton rapids, Grand Ledge, Mulliken, Olivet, Potterville, Sunfield, Vermontville, and Waverly) Counties.

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Traffic tickets make your insurance rates go up substantially, and you could even lose your license if you have enough points on your license. So no points are good points, when it comes to traffic tickets. Whether you have received a ticket for speeding, running a red light, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, or other traffic violation, let the attorneys at Wilson, Lett and Kerbawy, PLC,  provide experienced, professional legal assistance to help keep your driving record clean.

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